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Fire Rated Building Materials

Why use fire rated building materials?

Fire is the one thing which is capable of destroying everything, and we should never underestimate it. There are no limits as to what fire can damage, and when it spreads, it can be highly dangerous. However, using fire rated materials which have been specially designed to protect the inside of a building, is one way in which we can reduce the risks of it. Nevertheless, if architects and specifiers do not appreciate the advantages of fire rated materials, it can often be challenging to encourage widespread use. So, why should you use fire rated materials?

The advantages of fire rated building materials

When we think about fire rated building materials, there can be various interpretations. For some of us, it’s about making sure the materials we use in the construction of the building are both resistant to fire and also help us minimise the fire, as and when it starts. It is also possible for electrical issues or flammable materials to cause the fire to start, as was the case with the recent fires in a number of businesses and flats.

Looking at these facts, it is easy to see why it is essential for people to have fire rated building materials in the construction of large buildings. For example, having access panels which are fire rated will help to ensure that fire prevention tools are safeguarded and can be accessed with ease. Alternatively, having panels which can allow you to get away from the fire, and hatches to enable you to get on the roof will ensure that people can get to a safer place quicker and easier.

Overall, using fire rated building materials when you design a building is critical to ensuring that everyone has the best chance possible of getting away from a fire unharmed. Access Panels Direct has a range of fire rated doors and hatches, all of which can be used to protect valuable fire prevention tools from being damaged or allow you easy access to the roof and other areas, depending on the situation at hand.

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